X Series

Revolutionary modular design

Pixel pitch changing without changing other components

Indoor and outdoor

Back and front maintenance

A Real Modular design

LED Module - Frame - Control unit

100% replacable

Back and front maintenance without any tools,

Fast and easy instalation

Universal panel frame and Control unit compatible with all X Series LED modules

High resolution, high brightness, high refresh rate

EMC certified Class A / Class B

LED Module
  • Calibration memo in LED Module

  • Size: 250mm x 250mm

  • Multiple change LEFT and RIGHT

  • Magnetic front and back maintenance

  • Optimized heat sinking

  • 14-16 bits high gray-scale

  • Refresh rate up to 3840 HZ

  • Size: 500mm x 500mm

  • Removable control unit

  • Super light & strong

  • Strengthen locking system

  • For rental & fix installation

  • Fits all X Series indoor & outdoor led module

Universal Control Unit
  • PCB hub board

  • Receiving card

  • Power supply unit

  • Indicator light

  • Optional LCD monitor(full color)

  • No tools needed installation

  • Removable from front

  • Compatible with all X Series LED modules

Indoor Screens

Pixel pitch 1.9mm | 2.6mm | 2.8mm | 3.9mm

Outdoor Screens

Pixel pitch 2.6mm (*in development)| 2.8mm (*in development)| 3.9mm | 4.8mm


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